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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Email to children's authors

I noticed today that there is a Geraldine McCaughrean on the list of signatures on the e-petition and it sparked the idea to approach other UK children's authors for their support.

This is the email I sent out today to 31 (or 33!) authors (mostly via agents unfortunately, so I don't know how soon they will reach their intended destination), and the list of those it has been sent to. If you can think of anyone else please feel free to use the letter, or to make suggestions :)
THE LETTER - subject: End of educational freedom? Please read and help if you can...

Important information affecting the lives and educational freedom of many of your readers - please take the time to read and help in any way that you can. Thankyou.

Dear (Children's author)

I don't know if you are aware of the new Children's, Schools and Families Bill which is currently making it's way through UK parliament. The second reading of this Bill will take place on January 11th and has huge implications for family life in the UK, and for civil and parental responsibilties and rights.

The Bill contains proposals which will seriously threaten Home Education in the UK, and are potentially damaging to the lives of thousands of home educated children and their families.

There are many diverse reasons why parents choose to home educate their children, but for many children, home education is an absolute lifeline;

Each week: 450,000 children are bullied in school
Each year: more than 360,000 children injured in schools
Each year: at least 16 children commit suicide as a result of school bullying
Each year: an estimated 1 million children truant
Each year: more than 1 in 6 children leave school unable to read, write or add up

One size really does not fit all.

Despite the government's recent U-turn on other matters concerning CRB checks, in direct response to these proposals, OFSTED have recommended that home educating parents be CRB checked before being given permission to look after their OWN children - this is all without the need for any evidence, or even suspicion, of wrongdoing. And these proposals will not just affect the home educating community, they open the door for dramatic changes to be made to the lives of ALL children and families in the UK. These proposals turn on its head the premise that it is parents who have the primary responsibility for the welfare, education and upbringing of their children, and hands this responsibility to the state instead.
They make a mockery of the 'innocent until proven guilty' theory that justice in this country is supposedly founded on.

Please take the time to read this open letter to The Guardian and The Times, and consider signing it.(before the 8th January)


and also to sign this urgent petition before the second reading of this Bill on January the 11th.


Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
Philip Ardagh
Terry Deary
Sally Grindley
Michael Lawrence
Chris d'Lacey
Jean Ure
Diane Wynne Jones
Michael Rosen
James Carter
Terry Pratchett
Julia Donaldson
Adele Geras
Quentin Blake
David Almond
Philip Pullman
Anne Fine
Roger McGough
Michael Morpurgo
Eric Carle
Francesca Simon
Jeanette Winterson
Benjamin Zephaniah
Cressida Cowell
Jacqueline Wilson
Babette Cole
J K Rowling
John Harris (story teller)
Malorie Blackman
Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Zizou Corder


  1. excellent work ..fingers crossed eh!

  2. Well done mandy, hope you get some good replies and signatures.

  3. that's really good - thank you for working so hard !!