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Thursday, 8 April 2010

What's next? Well keep on keeping on of course! ;o)

There is a lot of talk at the moment of the election and how best to use your vote to ensure that Labour are voted out. If Labour are re-elected, there is little doubt that the CSF Bill will be reintroduced. Ed Balls is not a happy chappy at the moment, and I don't think for a second that he is the sort of person to let things go!
My own personal feelings on that are here, but I don't think it is my place to try and influence how others will use their votes.

If this campaign has shown me anything, it's that there are a lot more people out there, than I ever realised, who just don't get how it works, but it has also shown me that there are an awful lot of us out there who are very capable of showing exactly how and why it does. And what is equally, if not more, important to focus on now I think, as who people will or won't be voting for, is that we keep on making sure that the positives of home education are out there for all to see, and that the lies and misconceptions and stereotypes about home education continue to be challenged.

Keep on keeping on and all that jazz :o)

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